Gazebo Maxi Basic bianco

Gazebo Maxi Basic

Gazebo Maxi Basic bianco

Thanks to its sturdy galvanized steel structure and its reduced dimensions, it is ideal for quickly and effectively covering surfaces dedicated to short-term events, temperature detection stations but also for the expansion of bars or restaurants that want to cover outdoor spaces. with a low cost without sacrificing the high standards that Gazebo Flash guarantees to all its products. It can be used individually or in modules side by side and allows the customization of the sheets with digital prints.

Expansions for bars and restaurants, pre-entrances, temperature control areas.
Available in 3 versions, Basic series, Elegant series and Deluxe series, the maxi gazebos are suitable for multiple uses, from the possibility of expanding the outdoor space of premises such as bars, pastry shops and restaurants, to the possibility of dealing with emergency situations as an area of temperature control, visitor waiting tunnels in front of supermarkets or retail businesses, up to simple use in your own garden. We have several solutions also ready for delivery to meet every need.

Structure: Galvanized steel
Fabric: PVC coated gr. 650 / sqm fireproof cl: 2
Lateral: Sliding blinds and windows
Customizations: Digital prints, varnishing

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