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Air tent


Air tent

Our  AIR TENT  is the right product to make your exhibition space unique.  It is an inflatable spider-shaped structure filled with air.  The roof and walls are in resin-coated and waterproof polyester fabric.  The AIR-TENT can be completely customised with sublimation printing which guarantees optimal quality.  The AIR-TENT is equipped with valves for inflating and venting on each leg, and can be inflated in a few minutes either manually or with an electric inflator.  With a strong aesthetic impact, thanks to its innovative shape, it is ideal for private events, showrooms, exhibition stands and events.  The AIR-TENT guarantees a strong visual impact both with single assembly and in multiple combinations.

Strongly recommended for promotional contexts in customised versions with printing of logos and images.

Available sizes 3X3,4X4,5X5,6X6

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