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Contact us at or call us on +39 0442 30222 and tell us your idea, the structure you prefer, and its intended use. You can also send us your logo, images and texts.

Graphics draft

Our graphics department will take care of the creation of graphics and creativity. You will be presented with a graphics draft, the technical specifications and the shipping and delivery terms that best suit your needs.


Do you like our proposal? Confirm our draft to proceed with the creation of your custom gazebo! Otherwise, let us know what changes you would like to make to the project.


Our highly qualified and fast production department guarantees very short waiting times. You just have to come and pick up your product or wait for it to arrive at the shipping address you provided.

Gazebo custimisation department

Graphics creation

Gazebo Flash designs and manufactures real communication tools.
Thanks to the work of our graphics department, the customer’s ideas are heard and transformed into reality.


With the sublimation technique, Gazebo Flash is able to apply any image, obtaining personalised, bright and resistant products. We specialise in this technique, which we apply to fabrics for making gazebo sheets and much more. The transfer takes place through the migration of sublimation inks from a sheet of paper to the surface of the fabric, under the combined action of the required temperature and pressure. This process gives a definitive stability to the graphics that are fixed to the fabric, at a depth even greater than 90 microns; all this unlike other technologies that require the simple adhesion of a film to the fabric, which can come off or be damaged more easily.


Our highly qualified tailoring department transforms the fabric into the right fit for your gazebo. Thanks to their decades of expertise and profound knowledge of materials, our tailors create perfect canvases. Gazebo Flash offers a wide choice of fabrics for your gazebo (polyester, TNT, flag, ocean flag, carpet, stretch polyester, canvas)..

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is one of the most advanced printing processes, obtained through the thermal transfer of the inks directly onto the fabric. This technique allows us to print high definition images with a strong visual impact.



Full printing on the entire roof surface. Sublimation printing directly on the fabric. There are no limitations regarding the number of logos or colours that can be printed. Fluorescent colours can also be printed.


  • Large printing surface
  • High quality / price ratio


It is possible to add a fully printed 90cm high front banner
with a quick coupling system.


  • High visibility
  • Quick assembly
  • Interchangeable print


It is possible to print on the front of the gazebo. Thanks to the Velcro on the gazebo, the print can be fixed or removable.


  • Interchangeable print
  • Quick assembly
  • High quality / price ratio

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