Uomo con mascherina davanti ad un'insegna della farmacia

Quick tests in the pharmacy in total safety and comfort

Having defined the memorandum of understanding between FederFarma and the Veneto Region, which establishes that even pharmacies will be able to carry out rapid tests for the screening of Covid-19, we at GazeboFlash, thanks to the collaboration with Jump Sinergy, have designed a complete solution to support pharmacies in carrying out these tests.

How? A quick opening professional gazebo equipped with a truly unique “Emergency Kit”. The Safety Outfitting gazebo, in fact, is equipped with insulated walls that guarantee an effective temperature range, is waterproof and fireproof, and can also be washed with disinfectants. It can be set up with lighting, heating, an internal ceiling, internal partition wall, hermetically sealed wall and complete with a protective ground sheet, both in PVC. Furthermore, we are able to provide personal protective equipment such as surgical masks and FFP2, rapid tests and serological tests.

All devices are CE certified and approved by the Ministry of Health and are the same ones already used by the Sacco Hospital in Milan, the KOS-Santo Stefano group and Milan Calcio.


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