Millitari italiani con auto mimetica vicino a gazebo bianco

Gazebos and marquees at the service of the Italian Army

GazeboFlash alongside the Italian Army for the “Safe Roads” project

Since 2008, the armed forces have been available to the prefects for the protection of public order, to combat petty crime and monitor sites deemed “more sensitive”. The activity involves patrolling the streets and monitoring sensitive targets. To meet the different needs of the soldiers during the garrisons, we at GazeboFlash wanted to offer them our support. Presiding over a square, a monument, an institutional building means guarding what are defined as “sensitive targets” for several hours, during which the military also carries out various checks on cars and people. Thanks to our gazebos and quick-assembly marquees, the military can set up mobile stations that can be dismantled quickly and easily. The gazebos and marquees are made with a solid structure, not heavy to transport, suitable for any climatic condition.


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