How can I affix my gazebo to the ground?

Did you know that if you don’t affix your gazebo to the ground, it can fly away with the wind?

An unfixed gazebo, if exposed to strong winds, can break and cause damage to people and the environment!

GazeboFlash reminds you that affixing the structure to the ground through ballast or tie rods and pegs is mandatory..

For this reason, among other accessories Gazebo Flash also offers a complete range for anchoring.

Tie rods and pegs: you will be provided with a first kit of tie rods and pegs, consisting of 4 nylon fibre ropes complete with pegs in chromed steel of about 20cm, suitable for fixing on soft surfaces. A professional kit consisting of 38cm ratchet and steel pegs is also available, complete with eyebolts for greater stability and safety in windier conditions.

Ballasts:we offer three different types of ballasts for anchoring to hard surfaces: 15kg cast iron, modular according to the required weight, or refillable with water or sand, with fabric or plastic ballast (3L – 12L)

How does the wind affect my structure? What precautions should be taken in case of wind?

Do you know the Beaufort Wind Scale??

Having it in hand can help you understand how to best fix your gazebo to the ground in all weather conditions.

The fixing of the structure to the ground through ballast or tie rods and pegs is  mandatory..

When you purchase a Gazebo Flash gazebo, not only will the structure you have chosen arrive at your home, but also a first anchoring kitwith 4 nylon fibre ropes complete with chromed steel pegs of about 20cm, suitable for fixing on soft surfaces. This first solution will guarantee you an anchoring on soft ground in situations of calm, light wind or light breeze.

However, depending on the environmental situation and its corresponding wind effect, different and indicated anchoring and fixing systems exist.

Gazebo Flash offers a wide range of tie rods, pegs and ballasts in both cast iron and plastic and ensures the anchoring of a structure up to the fourth degree of the wind scale with 45kg ballasts.

Below we have created a table for you with the relative indications depending on the strength and effect of the wind from the Beaufort Scale..

DegreeKm/hEnvironmental SituationEffects of the windGazeboFlash advises
00-1CalmCalm, smoke rise verticallyMandatory tie rods or 15kg ballast per leg
11-5Light airDirection of wind shown by smoke drift, but not by wind vanesMandatory tie rods or 15kg ballast per leg
26-11Light breezeWind felt on face, ordinary vane moved by windMandatory tie rods or 15kg ballast per leg
312-19Moderate breezeLeaves and small branches in motionMandatory tie rods or 15kg ballast per leg
420-28Moderate airRaises dust and loose paper, small branches are movedMandatory tie rods or 15kg ballast per leg
529-38Fresh breezeSmall trees begin to sway
639-49Strong breezeLarge branches in motion, umbrellas used with difficulty
750-61Near GaleWhole trees in motion, it is difficult to walk into the wind
862-74GaleBreaks branches off trees, generally impedes progress
975-88Severe galeRoof slates fall off
1089-102StormTrees uprooted

I have to create many gazebos throughout the year - how do I do that?

Do you need many gazebos during the year?

Are you a communication agency with many urgent needs?

Do you have to put on an event at the last minute and are you in a hurry?

It can happen! And for this Gazebo Flash has studied thesolution for you, with  exclusive prices dedicated to you!

With the new Flash Prime Subscibe you can have the  specialised advice of one of our graphic designers who will handle all your projects, you can “jump the queue” passing in front of the other processes and we guarantee delivery by express courier in24 hours!!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Flash Prime and find out for yourself all the benefits we have reserved for you!

I need a gazebo in super-quick time - can I speed up the delivery process?

Do you have to organise an event at the last minute and find yourself having to manage everything in no time?

Gazebo Flash offers a fast delivery service and usually ensures the arrival of its products in 7/10 working days from the confirmation of the graphics drafts.

Do you have an urgent situation and need to receive it earlier??

No problem! Gazebo Flash offers you the opportunity to “jump the queue“, thanks to the new exclusive Flash Delivery service.

With this new service you will pass in front of other work in progress!

We guarantee the advice of one of our graphic designers, completely dedicated to your project, who will finalise the graphics draft in one day and we will deliver your gazebo by express courier in 24 hours!

How long will it take for me to receive my Gazebo Flash gazebo?

When you decide to buy a Gazebo Flash item, you decide to rely on us! And our promise is to be quick, efficient and ready to meet your needs.

Gazebo Flash ensures the arrival of its products at their destination in 7/10 working days from the confirmation of the graphics drafts

How to get your customised gazebo? Simple, these 4 steps will do the trick!

  1. Contact us at info@gazeboflash.it or call us on 0442 30222, explaining what your ideas and needs are, you can also send us your logos or images you would like to see on your gazebo!
  2. We’ll make you a graphics draft! Our graphics department will handle your project and will take care of the graphics and creativity by presenting you with a graphics draft, the technical specifications and the shipping and delivery terms that best suit your needs.
  3. Do you like our proposal? Confirm it! And we will proceed to create your customised gazebo! Otherwise, tell us what’s wrong.
  4. Our highly qualified and fast production department will produce your gazebo in a short time and you just have to pick up your finished product here from us, or wait for it in the comfort of your home!

What is in the Gazebo Flash “kit” that will be delivered to me?

How about receiving a gazebo complete with some essential elements to make it functional immediately?

Each gazebo purchased will be delivered to your home complete with a consisting of:

  1. Convenient bag for covering and transporting in resistant fabric
  2. Anchoring  kit with 4 nylon fibre ropes, complete with 20cm chromed steel pegs, suitable
  3. Assembly instruction booklet and recommendations for proper use and storage of the structure

Is particular equipment required to assemble my Gazebo Flash gazebo?


All Gazebo Flash gazebos can be assembled easily in 60 seconds without the aid of any particular tool

Just open the structure, place and unroll the roof on the legs, fasten it to the legs of the structure with the special Velcro strips, stretch the legs until they lock with the snap lock and fix the pair of ties to avoid abnormal tension.

Can I buy just the cover sheets or walls?

Of course!

Each gazebo manufacturer creates structures with their own standard dimensions, which often differ from each other, even by a few centimetres

Gazebo Flash also has a solution for this, offering the service of selling only cover sheets and walls, also made measure.

One of the strengths that distinguishes us at Gazebo Flash is having a highly qualified internal tailoring and production department  which allows us to guarantee the manufacturing of any type of cover or wall in polyester or PVC, satisfying any type of request.

Thanks to our efficient and specialised  internal graphics department, Gazebo Flash is also able to print any subject you want on your gazebo!

How long is the warranty on a Gazebo Flash gazebo?

The warranty of each Gazebo Flash gazebo, including all its components, fabrics and accessories, is two years.

Where do we deliver?

Gazebo Flash ships all over Italy and Europe, with the best couriers!

For shipments to Italy, the waiting time is usually only 24/48 hours!

Will I receive a graphics draft for approval before I receive my actual gazebo?

Of course!!

Our graphics department will submit the graphics project  to you before printing the fabrics, so that you can decide if the result corresponds to your needs, or if we have to get back to work!

Which file format should I use to send the graphics that I want printed on my gazebo?

For an optimal rendering of your prints it is necessary to send logos or images in vector format (Adobe Illustrator®, ESP) o PDF of good quality..

Can I customise a Gazebo Flash gazebo? If so, how?

Do you want to make your gazebo unique?

Gazebo Flash gazebos are available in waterproof and fireproof white fabric, single-coloured in 12 variantions or they can be completely costumized!


  1. Contact us at info@gazeboflash.it or call us at 0442 30222 and tell us your idea, the structure you prefer and its intended use: if you need it for a sporting event, or for a private party! You can also send us your logo, images and texts (in vector format Adobe Illustrator®, EPS or high-quality PDF)
  2. You can choose to customise only part of your gazebo or the entire surface, including walls!
  3. Our graphics department will take care of the graphics creation and creativity. You will be presented with a graphics draft! If you like our proposal, you can confirm it to proceed with the construction of the gazebo.  If you don’t like it, tell us the changes you would like to make and we will do it again!

How long does a Gazebo Flash gazebo last?

Are you tired of structures that are not stable or that break easily?

A Gazebo Flash gazebo is a unique product, in which the construction solutions and the materials used are at the highest level in quality and durability. Ordinary maintenance is reduced to a minimum, thus allowing you to keep the gazebo perfectly functional and beautiful over time, with a few simple operations.

For extended gazebo life it is sufficient to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Wash and dry the profiles  at least once a year and perform a preventative visual check of the integrity of the structure at each installation
  2. Keep the cover and any walls clean, wash it with soap and water at least 2-3 times a year and take care, once dry and not used, to put it in the special protective bag, to avoid contact with dust.
  3. Always ballastor affix  your gazebo to the ground during use, it is mandatory and, in the event of wind, it will make your structure stable, reducing the risk of breakage.

Is the roof fabric of a Gazebo Flash gazebo fireproof?

Of course!!

Our fireproof fabrics are equipped with class 1 fireproofing certification issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

We at Gazebo Flash guarantee the required standards to ensure maximum quality and safety for all our customers!

Is the roof fabric of a Gazebo Flash gazebo waterproof?

Yes, all the fabrics of the gazebos of the Basic, Plus, Premium e Deluxe series are  waterproof.

Moreover, thanks to the particular double stitching on the joints of the roof with a “lip” system, with a tape of the same fabric as the roof, water infiltration is averted and your roof will be even more resistant!

What material is a Gazebo Flash gazebo made of?

We at GazeboFlash use only resistant and long-lasting materials, which allow the structures to last over time, both in the cases of occasional and frequent use.

Gazebo Flash gazebos are composed of an anodised aluminium structure, resistant to corrosion and wear, bearing legs with square or hexagonal section, ABS joints and a safety bayonet locking system.

The  cover sheets  can be made of polyester or PVC. They are fire retardant and waterproof, resistant to traction, breakage, tear and light!

How many people and how long does it take to assemble a Gazebo Flash gazebo?

Assembling and disassembling a Gazebo Flash gazebo is very simple and fast, you only need two people and 60 seconds!!

But how do you assemble a Gazebo Flash gazebo?

  1. Open the structure slightly and arrange the covering sheet starting from the 4 corners (each corner of the roof can be recognised by its double eyelet).
  2. Position two people at the front on the shorter sides of the gazebo and open the structure by pulling at the central scissor mechanism, moving backwards until it is completely open.
  3. Make sure that the roof is positioned correctly and lift each corner joint firmly until the structure locks.
  4. Pull the locking ring on the foot and lower the inner part of the support leg. Adjust each leg to the same height. When using the walls, make sure that you have reached the extent that the sheets do not touch the ground.
  5. Finally, secure the structure to the ground through ballast or tie rods and pegs.

And how do I dismantle a Gazebo Flash structure? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Lower the gazebo by pulling the locking rings of the feet to raise the internal parts of the supporting legs.
  2. Finally, unlock the bayonets of the corner joints to allow the structure to close.
  3. Put everything in the special bag.

How to use and store your gazebo correctly

To make sure that your Gazebo Flash structure lasts longer and does not get damaged, just follow a few steps that we propose below.

Cleaning and maintenance of sheets:
To keep the fabrics of your gazebo in perfect shape, simply clean and dry the sheets before folding them. In case of excessive dirt, you can clean with NON-aggressive soaps and rinse with warm water. Finally, avoid closing wet sheets as humidity could cause the appearance of spots and discolouration of any prints.

Storage area:
Before closing your gazebo, make sure that the structure is cleaned of any traces of dirt that could hinder or limit the sliding of the opening and closing mechanism. Then place your gazebo inside its bag, which will be supplied to you, and store it in a vertical position, possibly in a dry and clean place.

To ensure the absence of any damage to the structure, it is preferable to transport the gazebo in a vertical position, especially if the roof is still mounted. If this is not possible, and the structure is spread out, try not to overlap weights.

Spare parts:
If any element of your gazebo becomes worn or breaks, Gazebo Flash can provide all the spare parts you need.

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